Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Doctor! *Flirty Much Huh


So here you go!

1) You can get full medical consultation. They can recommend you what food to eat to gain weigth Or to lose weight. Of course it’s for free! Yeah you can save your money 😀


Gambar tak menahan kan HAHA

2) Doctors are well trained to listen, so perfect! Of course you want someone who can be a good listener rite ?


Haha last last dapat doctor yang jenis macam ni. Arghhh kau diam boleh tak? Aku bosan dengar  masalah kau. Kat klinik kena dgr masalah patient, ni masalh bini pulak. WAKAKA

3) They know what you feel..or they just pretend to ? Haa doctor kan ditrain untuk kononnye memahami masalah pesakit, so kita assume mereka ni sangat memahami la. Well Understanding is one of important quality I think for a relationship to last longer.

4) Can you imagine introducing a doctor to your mom. Mom, this is Dr bla bla bla. Of course lah mak pun mudah je terima tak kisahlah muka macam Johny Lever ke, redha dan terima je niiiii . Erkk Tiba tiba ngeri pulak.

5) They can give you the gift of “missing them”because they are always at work. Awhhh :”) Tapi kalau selalu rindu pun terseksa jugak kan. Ye dok?


Hee. Tolong jangan muntah sekarang pliss. HAHA

Thats all ! This is just random thought. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang mati. Tak mampuu nak dapat doktor T_T. Enjoy the video ! 😀



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