Why WordPress Out of Sudden?



I guess I have so many dreams that sometimes I dont even feel I am in a real world. Got it? Haha


Haha kenapa tiba tiba muncul idea nak berwordpress ni? Ni semua gara gara fanatic dengan isteri Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, Dr Halina. I really admire her. Dr Halina is a very caring mother and yet successful woman I ever encounter. Mampu tengok dalam blog dye je, twitter dye, lepastu puji.. untunglaaa dapat Dr Sheikh, cantiknye, dahla ada Bella yang pandai, comel pulak tu. Haha how I wish I can meet her one day ! Kadang kadang tu terfikir jugak macam mana dye boleh seimbangkan antara kerjaya and rumahtangga. Being a doctor is NEVER easy man! And that is one reason why I have wordpress now.

Another reason is.. to get rid of stress and all. Being a Pharmacy student is not as easy as other people see. With challenging labs practicals, long lectures and stuffs, of course you will not say you are OK at all times. There must be times when you get stress, frustrated and all. Anyway,I guess all fields are of almost same difficulty level and so, Zulaikha, you shud stop complaining !




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