OMG Do you think you will ever fall in love with this guy. He’s UNIQUE anyway. TOO UNIQUE i would say, if you get what I mean Haha

I know this video from my roomate. Thanks Biha for sharing haha. The guy in this video claims himself as babyyy! Awhhh so cute.PELEASEEEE,,, its no longer cute kalau dah buat suara wekkkk wekkkkkk. Baby bukan bunyi macam tu. Huhuh He likes to wear diapers and he lovessssss to be treated like a baby. OMG! What interesting is that he have a girlfriend and her girlfriend acts as if she is his mom. Tapi yang lawaknye dye siap tanya Dr Phil ” Dr Phil, how do I get this way? I dont find it unhealthy, but is it? . Can u help me understand this and tell me where it come from?” Haha Anyway, I appreciate the diversity of human’s behaviour. I think. :p HAHA



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